My new oppa ♥

Dong jun ( ZE:A's maknae) ♥

Name: Kim Dongjun
Birthday: 02.11.1992
City: Busan
Blood type: B
Family members: parents and older brother
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Favorite singer/idol: Omarion
Skill/hobby: health, soccer, apparatus gymnastics, kicking his hyungs awake
More: number 1 scary maknae but hey, just look at those abs!

Handsome an??
Mari kita tgk video ini
Yg mula2 msuk ps2 tendang barang atas meja 2 dia la
OMO~ hensem right??

Dongho (UKISS's maknae) ♥

* Dong Ho (동호)
* Full name: Shin Dong Ho (신동호)
* Date of birth: 6/29/94 (1994-06-29) (age 16)
* Blood Type: B
* Height: 175cm
* Weight: 65kg(143lbs.)
* Facts: He is the youngest member of the group.

Cute an??
tgk ni
comel kn? kn?
Dia yg nyanyi lps hello2 tu
Urgh comel gila!!

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